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Slick Recipes

Working with Slick is a breeze when doing standard data manipulation. However when edge cases are popping up it is hard to find answers in the documentation.

A lot of tips are hidden in Github Issues and answers given in the Gitter channels

In this blog i share some of the things i use in most of my projects which aren't obvious from the documentation.

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Remap the Bixby Home button on the Samsung S8

This week i got my hands on a Samsung S8+ and been configuring Tasker to automate my Phone.

The S8 now includes the Bixby which is more-or-less the same as the Google Assistant. Since i preferred the Google Assistant instead of Bixby i now have a button that i don't use.

After searching around i only found that Samsung doesn't allow the Bixby to be remapped using standard functionality. Luckily it can be done with Tasker

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Isolating memory leaks in a concurrent system

While working on Advanced-Forms i have to deal with various memory issues which arise when running the server application.

The server component of Advanced-Forms is a continuously running background service which can run many different components in parallel at any given moment. Some of these components are third party maintained by other companies or open sources projects like FTP, Mail, Data Conversions, etc..

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Solving Paper Mazes with Python

Every year just after Christmas there is a quiz game called "De Rooise Kwis" in which a lot of people in Sint Oedenrode participate. This year there were 151 teams.

The quiz consists of questions in a wide range of categories, which can be found here

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