Roy van Kaathoven
Full Stack Developer

13 May

Remap the Bixby Home button on the Samsung S8

This week i got my hands on a Samsung S8+ and been configuring Tasker to automate my Phone. The S8 now includes the Bixby which is more-or-less the same as the Google Assistant. Since i preferred the Google Assistant instead of Bixby i now have a button that i don't use.

After searching around i only found that Samsung doesn't allow the Bixby to be remapped using standard functionality. Luckily it can be done with Tasker.

There are quite a few apps on the Play store (like Bixbye) that allow you to hook into the Bixby button but you don't need them.

Tasker has dynamic variables which are variables that trigger changes in Variable Value states and Variable Set events whenever their value changes. The variable that this solution uses is the Window Label named %WIN which contains the label of the current window

So what happens is that when you press the Bixby Button the currently active window changes to Bixby Home and the %WIN Set Variable event is triggered.

Tasker Script

The script can be configured as follows:

  1. Create a new event Event -> Variables -> Variable Set.
  2. Variable: %WIN
  3. Value: Bixby*
  4. Add task App -> Go Home

The task is needed to cancel the Bixby app. After the task you can add whatever task you want and it will run when pressing the Bixby button


In this demo i start the AutoVoice App after pressing the Bixby button