Roy van Kaathoven
Full Stack Developer


About the project

I've been developing Advanced-Forms for almost five years while at Quadira. It started out as a small project with myself als the only developer. Over time the application grew to a more advanced application which transformed from a complex xml driven application to a more user friendly application with a GUI where the end-user can design e-invoicing processes using a drag drop interface.

During this project i had to wear many hats, first as a developer which involved a lot R&D. When the team grew i moved into the a lead developer role. Later the team grew even more and split up in seperate teams and i took the role as a Software Development Manager and Product Owner.

Project Details

  • Languages
    C# .NET, Javascript, Scala
  • Technologies
    ASP.NET, Webpack, Ionic, NHibernate
  • Team size
  • Project Length
    5+ years
  • Roles
    Developer, Lead Developer, Software Architect, Product Owner, Scrum Master