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09 Sep

Slick Recipes

Working with Slick is a breeze when doing standard data manipulation. However when edge cases are popping up it is hard to find answers in the documentation. A lot of tips are hidden in Github Issues and answers given in the Gitter channels In this blog i share some of the things i use in … Continue Reading

19 Aug

Scalext: Ext JS module for Play Framework

I've been working on a project called Scalext for a while and want to share the current version and upcoming ideas. Scalext is a module for Play Framework 2.1 which makes working with Ext JS a lot easier. I've already implemented a Ext JS Module for Zend Framework 2 in the past which made … Continue Reading

24 Sep

Scraping with Scala

A few months ago i got asked if i could scrape data from various websites, store it in a database and output some nice reports. Back then i've written a simple scraper with Ruby and Nokogiri , saved everything to a Microsoft SQL database and created reports using Excel. Because of the tight budget … Continue Reading

10 Oct

Akka Event Bus

I've been working on a new project for a while which is based on Scala , Play Framework and Akka . The goal of the project is to create a library which can communicate with the Steam Servers, and using the library write multiple bots which perform various actions, like starting trades with … Continue Reading

05 May

Implementing GCM server with Scala and Akka

I started working on an Android app for the Roboflow project. I have a LG Watch R and i thought it would be handy to be able to send notifications from a flow within Roboflow. So users can easily configure notifications for themselves for the things that matter. To get started i had to … Continue Reading